Body Wraps

Bioslimming Wrap is a paraben-free fat burning and slimming body wrap. The treatment along with a healthy diet will enhance weight loss and firm and tone the skin. It pulls toxins from the body, and increases the body’s metabolism to help eliminate fat in the areas treated. It minimizes the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. The wrap produces visible and long lasting results from the first treatment using thermo regulation to burn fat. It continues to burn calories for up to two hours after its application. It continues to work up to 12 hours after treatment

This is a revolutionary way to slim and firm your body.

Preparing for your treatment:

• To get the most out of your active wrap, it is advised not to shower for at least two hours as the products continue to work. (Note: it will continue to burn calories for two hours following your active wrap.)
• Drink plenty of water following an active wrap to help flush out the toxins which have been released during the wrap.
• You can assist the body's detoxification process even more by drinking 1 to 1.5 L of water daily.
• Depending on the results you want to achieve, it is best to schedule a series of treatments. Ideally, once weekly for 4 consecutive weeks.
• We recommend you follow a healthy eating plan and exercise regimen for optimal results.
• The product contains ingredients that stimulate the body, which causes a hot and cold sensation that varies between individuals.

What are the contraindications to bio swimming:

Due to a high concentration of essential oils, it is unsuitable when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Has bioslimming body wrap been clinically tested and safe?

• Our products have been clinically tested by toxicology centers, physicians, and pharmacists. • Skin tolerance has not been evaluated when bio-slimming is used in conjunction with other machines or heated blankets.
• We advise professionals to proceed with common sense or complete a patch test when combining bio-slimming with machines such as a sauna or heated blanket, or other products.In rare cases, some people may experience skin irritation, allergic reaction, or a cross-sensitivity to Essential Oils. • If you are someone who is taking a lot of prescription medications and or has a lot of allergies, you should do a patch test to check the skin irritation and sensitivity before using bioslimming.
• We recommend not applying perfume or additional body cream on top of bioslimming products. • Showering before applying any other products is highly recommended.Bioslimming Active Gel and Bioslimming Active Slim Cream both have a heating effect which can result in an intense reddening of the skin this can appear more intense and some people than others.